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Riverwalk School


All students from Year 11 and upwards use the AQA Unit Award Scheme.  Rather than a qualification, the scheme offers learners the opportunity to have their achievements formally recognised with a certificate each time a short unit of learning has been successfully completed.  The link to the AQA award scheme can be found here:


  • To provide all students of year 11 and above with the opportunity to complete short, certificated awards in relations to the current curriculum.
  • To offer post 16 students the opportunity to complete additional units chosen by them on a termly basis, based on their chosen options.


  • All teaching staff of students of year 11 and above are responsible for finding appropriate AQA units, planning and delivering lessons based upon the units requirements and outcomes.
  • All teaching staff to obtain evidence of achievement and to complete the require submission recording sheet at the end of each term.
  • AQA co-ordinator is responsible to offer guidance and support to all teaching staff in relation to AQA assessments and the submission of completed units.
  • AQA co-ordinator is responsible to evaluate the submissions from teachers, and to carry out audits, in order to complete the final admissions, claim form by the end of each term.
  • AQA co-ordinator is responsible for the completion of monitoring assessment requests if chosen from the AQA gateway on a random spot check by the AQA gateway submissions.
  • AQA co-ordinator is responsible for receiving the completed certificates and compiling students personal port folios.

Agreed Practise:

  • All teaching staff to plan and deliver lessons in accordance with the unit requirements.
  • All teaching and support staff to gather relevant evidence to support learning of unit requirements.
  • All teaching staff to check evidence and cross reference against students learning journeys. Before the completion of AQA summary sheets.


Christine Walton - 

Christine will be in Riverwalk on a fortnightly basis every Tuesday and parents can contact her via her email address, which is listed above, or by phoning the Riverwalk office on 01284 764280.


The programme will be reviewed annually. The next review date is September 2024.